P1020551 cropped  I am genuinely committed to improving lives and communities. that’s why I donate $500 from EVERY home I sell to the school of your choice. So you’ll not only feel good about finding a new home you love, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve made a difference for others.

Why I donate

Put simply, I give back because it’s the right thing to do.  Schools are losing funding, cutting programs and laying off great teachers.  They need our support now more than ever.  As a mom with a child with Down Syndrome, I know first hand how underfunded the school programs are.  Giving back to our community is my personal and professional mission

Who Benefits

I donate to the school of your choice. Naturally, this support benefits teachers, families, and everyone in their communities.

*I would like to thank Mrs. King for inspiring me with her speech and sharing her wonderful story about real estate and donating to local schools.  After hearing her, I just knew I found my calling.  I would like to also thank Mrs. Ide for helping me set up the MyTownHeroes program and being one of the pioneers*

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